Staff and Committee


All of our staff members are fully qualified and experienced Early Years Educators; knowing that the first and most important step is getting to know your child well and developing an approachable, supportive and trusting relationship.

They are dedicated to the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS); using a carefully planned curriculum in order to enhance each child’s own individual progression through structured and free-choice learning objectives.  

Each staff member has a down-to-earth and ‘common sense’ approach when it comes to helping little ones learn the important aspects of British values; all of them having had children of their own and possessing a high level of understanding with regards to the many ethical values, beliefs and principles that apply in real life.

Management Committee

Caterpillars is of charitable status and relies on parent volunteers to make up the majority number of it’s committee. The committee’s work is varied, ensuring the pre-school works within the guidelines of the constitution, developing and reviewing policies, keeping up to date with new guidelines, meeting legal/statutory requirements and fundraising to name a few.

‘I am incredibly proud to be a member of the committee for Codford Caterpillars. To be able to support the outstanding work of the teaching staff and help maintain the caring, happy, inspiring environment for the children to discover and learn in is a huge privilege. As a parent it has been a joy to watch my children’s journey through Caterpillars, leaving as confident young people with all the skills needed to settle, socialise and learn when they move onto school. They have benefited from being given the space to learn these skills at their own pace and in the own way.

Lottie Pillans


Charity Number 102638