Curriculum and Ofsted


Our curriculum standards are set following The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework which enables us to deliver a high standard of development, learning and care for our children. Through a system of careful planning, which is completed weekly using observations taken of the children, we are able to provide a curriculum which not only enhances their academic progression but also takes into account the children’s emotional development; we understand that well adjusted children are more likely to thrive in a challenging academic environment later on in life.

We effectively operate a ‘key person’ system at Caterpillars whereby each child is supported in developing their potential at their own pace.  As mentioned, our planning is the result of all that we observe from the children with their interests being taken into account.  By ensuring we plan for developmentally appropriate activities with the correct level of adult support, we are able to encourage each child’s learning and development as set out in the EYFS.

We are also members of the Pre-School Learning Alliance, the leading educational charity which specialises in early years and benefit hugely from the many resources that they have to offer, from sourcing information to addressing specific training needs.


We are registered with and regulated by OFSTED who regularly inspect and give judgement on our establishment to ensure that the high standards of care, learning and development we endeavour to achieve are upheld.  Caterpillars URN is 145874 –

To download a copy of our latest Ofsted report please click on the link below